Frequently Asked Questions

Most asked questions and answers

If you are on our basic  plan. Your AD will rotate every 5 seconds. At a 5 Second rotation, you should expect your AD to be be seen roughly 120 – 240 times per day (based on a standard 8 hours day). The Total # of ADs rotating on that screen affects your final impressions.

Every Business, Event & Product needs to increase brand awareness and sales in order to survive. We provide the tool to increase your visibility & awareness in multiple locations at the same by showcasing your business, event, product to your direct target audience. 

Yes, you can pay weekly however the price will be higher. Save more when you pay monthly. 

Below is an example of how our advertising cost works. 

Basic ADs

  • Basic AD Package if you Pay Monthly – $80 / mth ($20 per week)
  • Basic AD Package if you Pay Weekly – $25 / week 
Premium ADs
  • Premium AD Package if you Pay Monthly – $160  /mth ($40 per week)
  • Premium AD Package if you Pay Weekly – $45 / week

We can’t guarantee everyone will see your AD, however our screens are placed in high visibility locations where customers will see your ad while they are ordering, waiting, or visiting any of our locations. 

Depending on the AD package your chose, your AD will be seen on our digital screens in one location or multiple locations. 

Each location varies on the total number of customers/visitors they receive daily . Our screens are placed in High Traffic Locations that receive hundreds to thousands of customers weekly & monthly. 

We can’t guarantee any sales will come from your AD. We are simply providing you with the access to your target audience. Your message, branding, product, business will have to convince the customer they need you. 

  • Horizonal ADS: should be created at 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720 (72 DPI)
  • Vertical ADS: should be created at 1080 x 1920 or 720 x 1080 (72 DPI)